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What gender is Mika?

Mika is Mika, really do we need to get into gender politics here? It's a game, have fun!

What is the difference between the Free and the Paid Versions

The only difference is that the paid versions have LOTS more mazes and bigger ones also. Some of them are four times the size of the ones you experience in the Free version.

Where are the Easter Eggs?

Easter Eggs are secret items hidden in the game that can only be released by doing something special. We tell you about these in the newsletter and frequently on Twitter and Facebook.


UPs are great.

But did you know you can use them before you start?

Activating Reset Timers and Bubbles

Do you know you can keep running after tapping them, you don't need to wait.

UPs and Daze

UPs can also cancel the effects of being dazed.

UPs and Time

UPs pause the timer, feel free to use them as much as you like you are not going to lose time.

Islands and Difficult Places

Islands and difficult places are often traversed using secret doors OR BUBBLES!

Bubble Movements

Bubbles let you move 4 spaces - no more, no less. Plan ahead!

Dazed Effects

Dazed reverses the swipes, you can still get around the maze, it is just a little harder. Oh and you can't activate any power-ups or secret doors in the maze.

More mazes, bigger Mazes

Looking for more mazes, then try the paid version of Mika's Mazes. It has EPIC sized mazes too.

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